MelaGenix – precision medicine for treatment of cutaneous malignant melanoma:
More reliability in making decisions for you and your physician

  • MelaGenix evaluates your protection against life-threatening metastasis. Therefore, we analyze the activity of the metastasis-specific genes.
  • MelaGenix determines the relapse risk more precisely than standard tissue analysis methods
  • MelaGenix provides answers to your most urgent questions prior to starting a melanoma treatment:
    ... after diagnosis:   "How dangerous is my melanoma?"
    ... in the early stage (I):    "Is the follow-up care sufficient?"
    ... in the intermediate stage (II):    "Is cancer treatment after surgery necessary?"
    ... in the advanced stage (III):    “Are intensified cancer treatments required?”
    ... "Am I protected against a relapse?"
  • MelaGenix measures the aggressiveness of your tumor in combination with the protective function of your skin and combines both for the calculation of your overall survival probability (MelaGenix risk score). This helps your physician to adapt the treatment to meet your medical and personal requirements.

MelaGenix- prognostic gene expression test: Determination of risk of relapse of cutaneous melanoma

  • MelaGenix is a multigene expression test for accurate determination of risk of relapse and need for therapy of patients with cutaneous melanoma.
  • The MelaGenix risk score is based on the analysis of eight signature genes by quantitative RT-PCR. The test is performed using FFPE-embedded tissue, comprising the primary tumor and adjacent stroma.
  • Synergistically with AJCC-based staging, the binary score leads to more precise prediction of the melanoma-specific survival probability.
  • Clinical relevance of the MelaGenix score:
    Thin melanoma These melanoma patients have an excellent prognosis. Yet this group harbors with 25% the largest proportion of melanoma mortality. MelaGenix identifies high-risk patients in this group.
    Intermediate stage II MelaGenix validates or corrects SLN analysis of melanoma patients and enables evidence-based treatment decisions.
    Advanced stage III These melanoma patients can enroll in adjuvant clinical trials. By identification of high-risk patients, MelaGenix increases efficiency of these studies (companion diagnostic).