October 2017
Development and Validation of MelaGenix wins the Best Poster Award at the 9th World Congress of Melanoma in Brisbane, Australia

At the annual meeting “World Congress of Melanoma” NeraCare GmbH received the best scientific poster award. Dr. Georg Brunner, developer of the prognostic gene expression test MelaGenix won the prize with his contribution „A gene-signature based risk score significantly improves melanoma relapse prediction for thin melanomas and melanomas with known sentinel lymph node status“. The co-authors include among others Prof. Thilo Gambichler and Prof. Eggert Stockfleth from Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. The prize was chosen among 395 competing posters. Dr. Georg Brunner accepted the award from Prof. B. Mark Smithers, co-President of the Meeting (picture).

August 2008
Genome wide study on prognosis of malignant melanoma

First results of a comprehensive study analyzing activity of all human genes in malignant melanoma have been published. The scientific aim of this study is the identification of a „genetic fingerprint” of tumor aggressiveness. In clinical practice, this knowledge could enable prediction of tumor relapse, at the time of first diagnosis (melanoma prognosis). The study is carried out at one of Germany’s largest skin cancer centers and builds on a comprehensive biobank of tumor tissue and clinical data, collected over a period of 20 years. The initial findings indicate feasibility of the study and allow first insights into prognostically relevant genes for malignant melanoma.